Cleaning and Organizing: The Toyota Way by OJT Solutions

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Why: I spend too much time finding business documents.
Goal: find any file in 10 seconds.

Action: Give All Belongings An Address.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Set a rule to discard.
  2. Order things in usage frequency.
  3. Make a place and address so they can belong.


How to clean and organize things?

In short, make it a part of your working habit to label objects with a specific address.

This book summarizes the way to implement 5S in our offices. If you do not know 5S, here is the quick re-cap.

  1. Seiri: Sort to keep or discard.
  2. Seiton: Set in order of usage frequency.
  3. Seiso: Shine
  4. Seiketsu: Standardize with address.
  5. Shitsuke: Sustain with regular check.

Sort: set time to discard

It is hard for all of us to throw things away. The common mistake is that we do not set a rule. It is, therefore, hard to make decisions.

  1. Always use: keep
  2. Use sometimes: set an expiration date of 1 week or 1 month. Discard as time runs out!
  3. Never use: discard

Set in order: put in order of usage frequency

The idea is to minimize the time to find and reach the target object by keeping frequently-used things near you.

  1. Always use: multiple times per week, put on your desk.
  2. Use sometimes: once per week or month, put on a shelf.
  3. Selten use: archive in a room, put out of your sight.

Give a home address: draw a line and set an address.

It is far more efficient to put things in a slot or in a frame than decide where exactly to put them.

The address is a home for things.

To sum up, it is refreshing for me to read these principles as we use them in our production line. Now, I have a practical idea of how to apply it to my everyday life.

Goal check: I learned the system to put things so that reducing saving and searching effort.

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Bonus: Give address in this format.

PlaceType of thingsHow many


A = Shelf in living room

1 = Business books

③ = Position 1 in that shelf

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