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The Right Questions To Always Ask During Market Research

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Why: Asking the right questions leads to getting the right answers.

In Short

Last time, we looked at steps to take on market research. See those steps here: How to Do Basic Market Research in 6 Steps?

This time, we will look at questions that we should ask in each element of market research, such as the research preparation phase, markets, companies, consumers, etc.

Below are the questions and also tips on where you can be looking for the answers! Enjoy : )

1. Research Preparation

Where do I ask quick answers?

2. Markets

How do markets develop in the past 5 years to the next 5 years?

Which opportunities can I benefit from?

3. Companies

Who are the leading players?

Who are the main suppliers?

With what or where can I become the leader?

4. Consumers

Is there a demand in the market? If yes, how much demand?

  • UK People and Community:
  • Who are my target customers?

    How do my target customers behave with my competitive offers?


    To sum up, I wrote down some questions that help you answer important questions and resources for answers. I hope that this helps your market research like they help me : )