Lessons from a millionaire

The Millionaire’s Philosophy for a Happy Life by Ken Honda

Original title: ユダヤ人大富豪の教え 本田健
Category: Personal Finance

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Why: I believe that attitude toward money dictates how I live.
Goal: Learn an abundant attitude toward money in daily life.

Action: Spend Money to Help Your Friends Be Happier.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Embody the rich man of your wildest dream.
  2. Use money as a tool to grant people wishes.
  3. Be above money: practice poverty, practice business.


How to spend money to help friends?

Think of them when you find something good in the market. Or when you encounter any person interesting, that you can introduce to your other friends.

This book teaches you to live an abundant life of money.

More then enough
More then Enough

Embody the Rich Man

  1. Prioritize the person in front of you.
  2. Be trustworthy: deliver what you said.
  3. Wish others strength and wealth.
  4. Be great at what you do: others can be confident to succeed in business with you.
  5. Treat superior people as normal, treat normal people with high regards.

Rules of Money

Baseline: use them to create positive energy.

  1. Spend them with love and gratitude as it helps receiver achieves his goal.
  2. Spend them as a gift that is not a burden to receive.
  3. Prevent scam by not seeking easy money.
  4. Donate 10% of income, practice generosity.

Be Above Money

2 practices of extremities

  1. Practice poverty: Live as you don’t need them at all.
  2. Practice abundancy: Live as you can always make more (learn business).

Learn more about the practice of poverty in Stoicism: Live below your means and protect your freedom.

The cheaper you can live, the greater your options.

Mark Cuban

To sum up

Your relationship with money depends on who you think you are. This post summarizes how you should think and act as a wealthy individual.

It is rather a cycle of abundance:
You treat yourself and people as they are more important than money.
You do more of this positive spending as you are confident with less (poverty practice) and with more (ability to generate money).

Now I wish you a happy, wealthy lifestyle. So go out there and make your friends happy.

Be confident; your money is a gift.

Goal check: I learned how to think and act like a free man with abundant money in a pocket.

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