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How To Build Links For Better SEO in E-Commerce Business

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Why: We want to set up a practice for you to gain more and more links and ultimately better SEO.

Link building is a deliberate practice. Show me your link building muscle.

Reading material: 7 Week Action Plan by Neil Patel

In a flash, here is how you build links!

In Short

The problem is that even with good content, you will not automatically get linked. If you have a chance, use an SEO service like Yoast to remind yourself to build links in all posts.

Here are some strategies that I learned and found helpful from the 7 Week Action Plan by Patel.

1. Use Score Card

By using this scorecard, you will be able to decide which platform you should approach. The critical factor is relevancy. You want your links to be on websites that address your topic.

Excel table: “Keyword”, “URL”, “Traffic”, “Relevancy”, “Link”, “Strategy”.

2. Link Building Strategies

  • Active link others’ content on your site, and email them to exchange.
  • Guest posting by searching Keyword + “submit a guest post”
  • Buy a press release package, and don’t forget to check their domain authority first (>40)

3. Make It A Habit

This link-building process is never-ending, as you will want to accumulate (goods) links as your website develops.

However, you should give yourself time to do it, as content creation takes a lot of time. In addition, you should be aware of how to go about collaborating on these link-building tasks.

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With these ideas, you should plan ahead by listing some websites with domain authority to collaborate with. Moreover, building links should become your habit, rather than getting it done type of work one time.

Now go ahead and have fun creating content and linking them to get even more exposure!