Changing Employee Behavior: A Practical Guide for Managers by Nik Kinley and Shlomo Ben-Hur

Category: Behavioral Change

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Why: Training, coaching, managing people are all attempts to control others’ behavior.
Goal: Learn to motivate people.

Action: Make It a Game – Track a Progress and Give Reward.

3 Key Concepts

  1. We all have different intrinsic motivation.
  2. Punishment must be predictable and align solution.
  3. Use gamification in your business: the carrots and sticks.


How to get good at rewarding?

Take good care of people around you with real interest. Extrinsic motivation, like rewards, means much less with they do not align with the receiver’s intrinsic value.

This book gives a research-based practical guide for us to motivate people. Aiming to improve others’ productivity.

MAPS model for change

M: Motivation – do they want to change?

A: Ability – do they know what to do and the skill to change?

P: Psychological capital – inner resources such as willpower, self-belief, and resilience to sustain change.

S: Supporting environment – such as incentives, situational cues, and social norms- supports change.

Intrinsic Motivation

  1. Create Autonomy
    • Involve people
    • Get the tone right
    • Offer choice
  2. Emphasize Mastery
    • Clarify competence
    • See the challenge
  3. Ensure Connection
    • Establish “Why”
    • Make it personal
    • Remember Wittgenstein and get practical

Extrinsic Motivation

Selectively motivate externally with internal consideration.

  1. Publicly Reward
    • First praise
    • Recognition
    • Prizes
    • Last with money
  2. Negative consequences
    • Criticism
    • Punishment: collaborative & predictable*

To sum up, Nik and Shlomo give a clear guideline on motivating your peers to do better at anything. Practice giving both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and you have the best shot to get someone to change their behavior.


Goal check: I learned a few simple ways to motivate both myself and others.

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( 4.5 / 5.0 )

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Bonus: Gamification “The carrots and sticks.”

  1. Tracking progress – Progress bar
  2. Marking achievements – Badges
  3. Challenge and competition – Ranking
  4. Social connection – Publicly share achievements
  5. Narrative – Tell stories