The Code. the Evaluation. the Protocols: Get Straight in 2020 by Jocko Willink

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Why: I also believe that the code. The evaluation. and the protocols clarify goals.
Goal: Evaluate my present code and protocols.

Action: Hold Yourself to the Highest Possible Standard.

3 Key Concepts

  1. To find your path, start with the code.
  2. Evaluation is you against you.
  3. There is no ending to the path.


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How to Hold Yourself to the Highest Possible Standard?

Live daily by the code; evaluate yourself against yourself. Then, go even harder. Lead them all!

This book aims to show you How you can strive to become an Eminently Qualified Human.

The Code.

It is a standard that we all should strive to achieve. It is a bar that gives a path to follow. We can determine whether we are performing or falling short with the code.

Our ideal. 

An ideal that we must define. An ideal that we must codify in no uncertain terms so we know what we are striving for. We must have a code to follow. 
  1. I will take care of my physical health by exercising, eating properly, and getting the rest I need to recover and rebuild. In addition, I will take care of my physical surroundings, keeping them in order.
  2. I will develop mentally by reading, writing, drawing, building, creating, and engaging in other activities that sharpen and expand my mind.
  3. I will not waste time. Time is precious.
  4. I will not waste money, and I will make prudent financial decisions. Cash is hard to earn.
  5. I will set goals that I will strive toward.
  6. I will excel in my job because work is integral to life.
  7. I will be humble and not allow my ego to negatively impact my decisions.
  8. I will control my emotions and not allow my feelings to negatively impact my decisions.
  9. I will put others before myself. I will help other people and protect those that cannot defend themselves. I will take care of my friends and family and treat other people with respect.
  10. I will be ready to protect my friends and family. My gear will be ready. I will train and prepare to defend myself and others.

Reference: Willink, Jocko; Berke, Dave; Armstrong, Sarah. The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols: Striving to Become an Eminently Qualified Human (p. 8). Jocko Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Using the code sets a standard for you. Then, ask yourself what else is important to you. That is your path.

To stay on the path is to go at war with yourself. A war against weakness, a fight against ignorance, a war against confusion.

The Evaluation.

The same idea as what is measured is managed. To know whether you are on the path and making progress, you must evaluate yourself against yourself.

  1. Health
    • Physical Fitness
    • Sleep
    • Diet
  2. Personal Development
    • Intellectual Fitness
    • Time Management
    • Financial Management
    • Personal Goals
  3. Professional Development
    • Performance
    • Qualifications
  4. Character
    • Humility
    • Emotional Control
    • Mentoring
  5. Relationship
    • Quality Time with Family
    • Quality Time with Friends
  6. Preparedness
    • Martial Arts
    • Weapon Training
    • Home Safety
    • Neighborhood Impact

Get a copy of this book to learn how to rate yourself in a military (0-5 scale). You will realize immediately that there is no end to this. The rating system is constructed that way ^0^.

You can always be doing better in some facet of life.

The Protocols.

Authors discuss what you should do under extreme hardship, such as the death of loved ones, betrayal of trust, trauma, money, etc.

If you master it to the point that you are satisfied with where you are, then go harder. Lead others.

To sum up

How good you can live your life depends on what standard you hold yourself accountable for. Striving to achieve the impossible is the only way to go about it. Instead, be humble and start improving your life daily. Evaluate them and go harder at it.

Live the highest standard.

Goal check: I evaluated my own code with their standard.

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