Salary-man’s Side-gigs 2.0: New Ways of Earning by Masahiro Kobayashi

Original title: サラリーマン副業2.0
Category: Business Creation

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Why: I need help from crowdsourcing with creative jobs.
Goal: Learn how freelancers earn a living and how to hire them in Japan.

Action: Register and the Platform Will Motivate You.

3 Key Concepts

  1. The hardest step is registering for a new gig.
  2. Don’t think too much for the first 3 months.
  3. Connect your side-gig to your main business down the road.


How to just register first?

Here I will give you a list of gigs you can do in Japan.

  • ストアカ (Street-Academy) teaching like skillshare.
  • Anyca rents out your car.
  • Snapmart shares photo from your smart phone.
  • Nutte makes cloths for you.
  • Blabo gets you product reviews.
  • Voip! gets your products narrated.
  • Mekuru gets SNS reviews from influencers.
  • Sagojo writes travel blogs.
  • Conyac and Gengo translate for you.
  • Testera tests your software.
  • Panda Graphics makes you illustrations for your game.
  • UIscope tests your UI.
  • Crevo makes ad videos.
  • 99 designs design your creative media.
  • REPO writes reports for specific keywords.
  • TALENT writes copy to get more sales.
  • Shufti house(wives/husbands) work for the no-skill tasks.

This book has shown how our labor market became a gigs market.

“100 years of life” and future side business

1. Japan is reaching the era where people will live over 100 years.
2. Changes in the environment surrounding side businesses.
3. “The best ever” where the compound interest of success will come true.

Be careful here! Pit of side business!

1. Do only one type of gig.
2. Expect too much out of the side gig.

The equation to be 1 in 100 successful
TO-DO: Prioritize the scenery beyond financial freedom.

What I want to try?

Mystery Shopper
To me, they just give a new cooler name to the auditor. Your job here is to audit the performance of the business.

Social renting, this one is an investment;. So it is a crowdfunding bank.

To sum up, the book opens up the world of Japanese gigs to me.

Work part-time as a beginning of a business.

Goal check: I learned what gigs are available and where to find them. In Japanese sites, they call these auditors a monitor.

Wasu’s Review
( 3.5 / 5.0 )

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Bonus: Mottos on the wall of Harvard University Library

1. Sleep now, Dream will come out; Study now, Dream will come true.
2. My wasteful today is the tomorrow those losers begging for.
3. The earliest moment is when you think it’s too late.
4. Better do it today than tomorrow.
5. The pain of study is temporary; the pain of not study is lifelong.
6. You do not lack time to study; you lack the effort.
7. There might not be a ranking of happiness, but there is surely a ranking of success.
8. Study is one but not the only component of your life, but if you cannot even overcome this single component, what can you overcome?
9. Please enjoy the pain if it is unavoidable.
10. Get up early, Grind out hard, Gain on success. 
11. Nobody succeeds easily without complete self-control and strong perseverance. 
12. Time passes by.
13. Today’s slaver will drain into tomorrow’s tear.
14. Study like a Dog; Play like a gentleman.
15. Stop walking today, and you’ll have to run tomorrow. 
16. People who invest in the future are the true realists.
17. Education equals income.
18. Today never comes back. 
19. Even at this very moment, your competitors will not stop flipping pages. 
20. No pain, No gain.