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How to Structure Contents to Engage Your Audiences Better

Category: Communication

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Why: We want to show you the easy way to construct content so that your audience engages more with the story.

The most often used template is problem and solution story.

Once upon time, everything was good and in order.
Suddenly, the evil appeared.
Our hero must get strong through hardship.
They have an epic battle.
And with a solution, he won.
Everything is brought back to order again.

In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

  1. Know your goal that you want to communicate.
  2. List down important points to draw the big picture.
  3. Use a storytelling outline to keep your audience engaged.

1. State Your Goal

We want to [convince/inform/get buy-in] about [what] to [who], so that [why] OR because of [why].

2. Write Down Important Points

Divide your big story into points and sections.

3. Use an Outline

  • Start why; explain the cause of the problems that you faced.
  • Then goal; use the formula given above and you’re already halfway to convincing your audiences. 
  • Next are How you’re going to do it, and when/where will it take place. 
  • Recap from the beginning to the end. 


If you want your audiences to enjoy a story, you need to structure the content so that it is clear to follow: the reason, the goal, how to go about it, when and where it takes place. Then, recap.

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