What Investors Value More Than “Money” by Hideto Fujino

Original title: 投資家がお金よりも大切にしていること
Category: Personal Finance

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Why: I am born in a middle-class family and have a different money attitude.
Goal: learn how this hedgefund manager thinks of money.

Action: Invest with Sincere Effort and Energy.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Good poor vs bad rich attitude stem from culture.
  2. Spend money to value the people behind the products and services.
  3. Not only money is an investment input and return.


How to invest with effort and energy?

Study what you like to study by regularly putting more time, effort, and money into it.

This book talks about where money comes from and its journey through our society. It covers the main ingredient, our humanity, showing that not only money is the return from our investment. Furthermore, we are investing not only in the shape of money.

Good Poor vs. Bad Rich: Who are the heroes?

America: citizens that are successful with their business.
Japan: Public officials like cops.

The attitude that money is dirty and corrupts people is distinct not only on TV heroes but also the way Japanese do business. The normal corporation is viewed as taking profit, and other NPOs or NGOs work for good money.

Actually, most successful businesspersons would say, “You don’t really have a choice; clean money is the only way to success.” While dirty money and greedy investors are widely portrayed, they aren’t successful.

This is the consequence of a “Good money attitude.”

According to economics, everyone is already contributing by being alive and living in society. Because everything one consumes creates demand, and hence, supply from businesses.

Attitude of using money

The value of any purchase depends on your thinking while you are making a decision.

Aim to spend to support creators/service providers. This is your first step in an investing journey. You invest for value in everything you pay for.

I cannot help but think of one of my friends: Gan, he is into investing since University. And he has been investing a lot in friendship. In terms of money, he is always generous in treating people around him as best as he can.

Company means friends. The place where humans show humans ability.

Investment and returns in various forms

Energy Investment = Passion✖️Action✖️Time✖️Number of times✖️Wisdom✖️Physical strength✖️Money✖️Luck

Investment Return = Product/Service✖️Appreciation✖️Growth✖️Money

Therefore, reading this blog is also an investment. The time you went out listening to your friend’s problem was also an investment. Of course, this means that money is also not the only return on investment.

I despise the attitude that “I need to clock every minute I spent in the office.” “I need to be compensated by the company.” and so on. I did a tremendous amount of free hours on my first year every morning. And I have been rewarded with trust ever since.

To sum up, the surest investment is in yourself: GROWTH.

Goal check: I learned how the author views money as just a part of an investment’s whole picture.

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