Book Writing Mistakes by Jim Edwards

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Why: I am writing blogs and planning forward to publishing a book in 2 months.
Goal: Learn how to write a book with certainty.

Action: Offer Obvious Benefits to Read.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Have a clear outline before start writing.
  2. Solve their reader’s problems.
  3. Tell them what to do next (after reading).


How to offer obvious benefits?

State them in the headline, “How-to.” Write in outlined format. Give clear instructions on what to do next in the book.

This book is basically a sales copy. However, it reminds you to write to solve readers’ problems.

Outline with questions

Questions make you think! So set up the outline with a sequence of right questions, with that come right answers. Reduce the chance of staring at the blank sheet of paper or screen again.

The author goes further with Writing Prompt, sentences with blanks to fill in. Remember practices in a language textbook? This works wonderfully in leading your thinking.

Be obvious with solution

Readers need to know that it is worth their time reading your book. The solution must be obvious for them to even pick your book out of the shelf or click on the link. Here we need a strong headline! Sell it to them!

This is also a reason why the “How-to” book and headline are so potent. It presents a clear problem and its promise to solve such a problem.

Offer them S.L.I.C.E

  • S = Shortcut, fewer steps to a goal.
  • L = Leverage, less effort.
  • I = Insight, wisdom.
  • C = Cool tool, useful tool.
  • E = EZ button, just a click to result like online service.

Tell them what to do next

The lost opportunity in writing is often not being clear of what you want readers to do after finishing your book. So again, be obvious and give clear instructions.

This requires you to have a clear business plan behind all your books. Every end of each book should point them in a specific direction.

To sum up

This is a practical way to a book publication. The author shows that publishing a book should only be your first step in your sales funnel. For example, to get more leads to your next business goal like coaching and so on.

The steps are having a clear outline with questions and offering a clear solution in terms of S.L.I.C.E.

Structure an Outline and Stick with It!

Outline them books.

Goal check: I learned how to approach book writing with realistic goals.

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