Unfair Advantage

Make Use of The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba

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Action: Stack the Cards for Yourself.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Work smart because success is both hard work and luck.
  2. YET: Develop a growth mindset intentionally.
  3. Work your unfair advantages with the MILES framework.

Pre-reading material: What Makes People Successful? https://youtu.be/RGbCR_pq4_A

The Unfair Advantage

What is the Unfair Advantage?

It is defined in this book as advantages that you attained due to your personal positioning. It is loosely described as depending on your attitude toward the object, you can always turn disadvantages into advantages. For example, no money drives you to work more than competitors, etc.

However, what is important here is that we recognize the unfair advantage. That is the no.1 thing to learn here. The chances are we ignore many valuable things in life and do not use what we have. In this book, the authors go into different areas that you should consider and make something worthwhile out of.

What Are Some Examples of Unfair Advantages?

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is, of course, that MONEY. Then comes that STATUS and FAME?

However, with MILES Framework, you can spot beyond those obvious ones such as natural IQ and insight, location, and luck.

MILES Framework

Being at the right time and place with the right occasion (TPO) considerably helps with the luck factorMILES framework illustrates these unfair advantages. Consider your position and intentionally use each of these advantages.

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How to stack the cards in your favor?

Obviously enough, we need to explore the unfair advantage to know what cards are good for you that you have!

This book suggests using the MILES framework to find out our own advantageous cards and use them efficiently.

Not Only Hardwork

Hard work is the bottom line of succeeding in anything you do. Meaning that working hard alone is not enough. You will also need luck, which comes only when you work smart. The definition and belief I always have are that you become better at something because you put work into it, which is hard work. The sole purpose of this is to set yourself up and be ready when the time comes and call it a ‘Luck.’

What is the most unfair advantage a person can have?

The authors touch on a couple of points on the ability to see things as an advantage. It is your attitude. Among many attitudes you can possess, the philosophy of resourcefulness is particularly useful in moving forward in your career and life. It is the promise that you will be fine no matter what. You will find the way.

An entreprenuer is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.

Reid Hoffman


The danger can never be 100% mitigated because, at some point, you need to journey to the place nobody has been to achieve your goal.

Give it a go, knowing that you will screw it up. But trust yourself to find a way out along the way.

Serenity Prayer

Accept things you cannot change, and challenge yourself to make a change where possible. But, most of all, learn enough to spot the difference between changeable and unchangeable.

How Do You Create An Unfair Advantage?

Say “NOT YET.” I cannot do it, not yet. BUT I WILL, and here is my plan.

The key is to add the word “yet” at the end of everything you want to do but have no ability at the moment. This is called a growth mindset, the opposite of a fixed mindset. If you are saying ‘No, I cannot.’ then you will not take any action afterward. This is a lost opportunity to learn and grow.

Admit reality, and then train your mind to go on and ask, “How will I do it despite all the challenges?”

When Should I Take Unfair Advantage?

All the time! As long as it is not immoral, duh.

Now that you have learned to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and put them into use, you might feel bad for those who have not yet learned about these secrets. Don’t be. You should encourage and show others how comfortable you are with yourself and that others should work on their unfair advantages too.

To sum up

So that was the unfair advantage: how you already have what it takes to succeed!

Knowing your unfair advantages comes from knowing yourself really well. So first, analyze with the MILES framework to see how you can gain a winning edge quickly. Then, start stacking those cards in your favor.

Stack the Cards

Goal check: I learned where my unfair advantage lies.

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