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Finding Your Elevator Pitch For E-Commerce Business With AIDA

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Why: We want to convince you about the practicality of pitching to become your standard tool to start a business talk.

In a flash, here is how you pitch it!

In Short

Below is the AIDA framework. It is fundamentally a marketing tactic to move a target customer to a purchasing stage. You can find different variants on the Wiki page.

When we are adapting this technique to construct our elevator pitch, the questions you need to be answering are as follows.

Preparation: Your unique selling point (USP) is found through analysis of the MILES framework and feedback from your colleagues. Check out this post to learn more about MILES: The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba.

1. Attention

Attract your target by offering your service directly.

What cool service or product do I offer?

2. Interest

Pique the interest with your USP.

Why me? Here is why 1. 2. and 3.

3. Desire

Create a need by mentioning a pain point and following up with benefits.

What value do I bring to them?

4. Action

Call to action, close the deal. Be direct.

What should you do now is …

Straight ball —> ‚óŹ


In my opinion, constructing an elevator pitch is valuable and practical for the typical business scene. The catch is that finding your USP for EACH target listener is hard work and a never-ending process.

For instance, below is my current pitch draft to my target: innovator.

1-min Pitch (Innovators)

Hi, my name is Wasu Mekniran. I am an experienced start-up entrepreneur in the IoT industry. Our start-up helps innovators like yourself directly test MVP through crowdfunding in Japan. We have delivered more than ... projects with great success.

Since I have worked as a product manager myself in Japan and Germany, I understand the difference in both markets and how important it is to engage target customers as early and often as possible.

Our testing requires a minimal upfront investment and can be carried out quickly within 4-6 weeks.

If you're interested in exploring your potential market in Japan, we can schedule a short call later. Do you have 15-min to talk tomorrow morning or evening?