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Knowledge Works: Managing Intellectual Capital at Toshiba by Mark Fruin

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Why: I want to compare it with my experience working in the same position.
Goal: Learn to manage Intel Capital from what drives a technological company 30 years before.

Action: Improve Processes, Instead of Tangible Assets.

3 Key Concepts

  1. From manufacturing things to production of knowledge.
  2. Goal is in process.
  3. Market pull, not technology push.


How to improve process than tangible assets?

Improve personnel to work better across functions, up and down the value stream.

We thought machines and automation will replace all humans. But, as we have seen, automation is only part of the picture, and that the specialized workers own creative processes in today’s global economy.

The added value comes from applying the knowledge gained from one product to other projects and producing further innovation without further costs. Humans do that!

This book examines why and how the company has managed to transform some of its factories to create “more value than costs” by improving humans in the process.

Machines won’t keep your competitiveness.

Knowledge Transmission

The knowledge-works model also implies that factories should be designed around people, not around specialization, as is the traditional factory.

The phrase Knowledge Works suggests industrial organizations in which knowledge and know-how are more important than manufacturing things.

Intangible rather than goods.

Interpreting how they work and why they work. The difference between manufacturing and production engineering department.

Process Improvement

Knowledge Works focus on developing new and better products, advancing manufacturing technology, and increasing value through lowering costs, improving quality, and speeding the development process. FLOW at Bosch!

Instead of concerning about tangible resources like buildings, labs, patents, equipment, etc.

Human is at the core of the process.

Because only humans can generate know-how.

Market Pull Model

Not technology push. Why?

Developing technology takes a long time (12-year standard), but the business cannot survive 3-4 years red. Developing from Zero of the technology that the market does not ask for is a recipe for bankruptcy.

It is to generate more value than costs under circumstances of extreme time-based competition.

The all-important question is what should be made as opposed to what might be made.

To sum up

Knowledge Works model allows us to reduce risk as it has the capability to utilize its know-how across R&D activities and engineering investment across product lines. While simultaneously creating value up and down product design, development, and manufacturing chain.

Goal check: I learned the importance of process improvement with humans at its core.

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