Rework: Change the Way You Work Forever by David Hansson and Jason Fried

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Why: I need a new work-life attitude.
Goal: Do “work” differently.

Action: Do it for yourself first, scratch your own itch.

3 Key Concepts

  1. “Good enough is fine”: do only what is needed from you
  2. Quality over quantity: be okay with small and stay small
  3. Scratch your own itch: make what you want to use


Pre-read material: listen to an audiobook.

Good enough is fine

Oftentimes, the barrier that keeps us from doing anything is our expectations. It tells us to make the next big thing, otherwise don’t even try. The author mentioned that the main thing is to improve it with trial and error. Get your workout when it is good enough.

Best thing ever was once an average useful thing.

We are all a work in progress. Start small is okay
We are all a work in progress. Start small is okay.

Quality over quantity

We all have a big dream. When the project is successful, we tend to reach out immediately for the bigger goal. However, maybe your business is not suitable for the sheer amount of volume.

Maybe bigger goal for your business is better quality.

Scratch your own itch

One of the common mistakes in doing business is that one tries to solve another’s problems. While it makes sense, many things can go wrong. You guess at best based on your market research about your prospects to like and to dislike certain features, etc. If you base your business on helping you first? The most important things about your business are clear. What and why.

From the beginning, you is your own fan.

Old work: doing everything as best as we can without thinking about its meaning and impact. This leads to ineffective working outcomes. It was not even desirable to solve these problems for customers.
Simply put the opposite of Lean Thinking.

Rework: start making something you want for yourself. If it can help and be useful for others, then we can do business together. With this, we solve many fault expectations…

  • no worries whether the outcome will please others while doing it.
  • no pressure to make it the best and biggest thing the world had ever seen.

Goal check: I found out what can be done differently from the current working style.

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