Shop Owner Textbook by Hiromichi Morishita

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Original Title: 店長の教科書

Why: I am an online shop owner.
Goal: learn from the offline shop owner what to utilize.

Action: Give Out Awesome Signature Freebies.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Shopkeeper is small business management.
  2. Product placement should be clear from the entrance to cashier.
  3. Visual Merchandising: learn this if you are in retail market.


How to give out freebies?

Find out what customers want to have from your business and give them for free. In all types and forms, for example, free trial, free first small product, free free free ^0^

This book gives a guideline on how to be a good shopkeeper. I found many things useful for my online shop.

An online shop is still a shop, after all.

Shop management is a small business management.

Here are things that shopkeepers do daily.

  1. Serve Customers: offer help, resolve claims
  2. Achieve Sales: promote and exhibit
  3. Manage Sales: set annual sales goal and profit rate
  4. Shopkeeping: make policy and report HQ
  5. Manage Products: fill store and control shelf
  6. Manage Personnel: hire and educate staffs
  7. Safety Check
  8. Business Negotiation: communicate with HQ and local authority

All signs pointing into the shop

Customer Entry with AIDMA

Attention: advertisement in their community

Interest: copy headline

Desire: inviting atmosphere

Motivation: good deal at the time of shop entry

Action: ease of purchase and pleasure

Shop Entrance

  1. Wide open, easy to get in and to what’s see inside
  2. Nice and clean look
  3. Easy to understand purpose

Large doorway, Clear shop name, and banner use a pop-up to show what’s inside the shop.

Wherever the eyes go, the feet will follow. So use color to catch the eyes of your customers and draw them to your displays.

Shop Inside

Clearly position products for individual

  1. Customer-collecting products: no profit, just good deal for customers
  2. Profit-earning products: other products that add on
  3. For-you products: write in print “For Mr.A when it’s rain.”

You must have a shop freebie signature. Think of Kaldi with free coffee. It keeps people walking in the shop. Therefore, pour a real hot coffee 😉

Get down in each sales tree branch

Review and improve the root cause of sales regularly.


To sum up, shopkeeping is a well-round job. One must manage a shop with full ownership. Even the case maybe that you don’t own the shop.

Goal check: I learned what real shopkeepers do daily and some tips to improve an online shop.

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