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How To Systematize Business And Become A Real Entrepreneur

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Why: We want to turn income generation into equity building because that is what entrepreneurs do; they build scalable/sellable businesses.

Four Hats Every Entrepreneur Must Wear
A dreamer who has a dream.
A thinker who has a vision.
A story teller who has a purpose.
A leader who has a mission.

Michael Gerber

Reading material: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber.

In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

The problem is you have a new job as a business owner and not as an entrepreneur. Without you, the business doesn’t run. Without you, the company dies down.

A prevalent mistake of all business owners is building a business that is not replicable and not scalable.

We are going to solve this problem with the attitude of building a system to teach!

1. Break Down To Actionables

By breaking down each part of your business to its essence, you will see what is at its core. By grasping this fact, you can then start building a system to replicate them.

2. Build The System

Turn a Job to a System

  • Client fulfillment system – deliver the value
  • Build this system above, visually, emotionally, functionally, financially
  • Document all “how-to” and make a manual
  • Teach this manual

Master this value creation process, and you will end up having a sellable business!

3. Scale All Things

The Practices of Any Business

  1. Leads generation
  2. Leads conversion
  3. Client fulfillment

Systematize all the above 3 parts of your business, and then scale it by teaching others to do the same.

A manual to teach

  • Train 7 people (Practicioners)
  • Build a business management system, assign a new teacher/leader.


People will only buy it if they see that your system is scalable.

Scalability is the very meaning of “GROWTH.”

top view of baking tools and baking ingredients
Write down that recipe.


The system is the solution, not the people you hired.

Michael Gerber

Learn from Michael Gerber and focus your effort on building a manual to teach others. It is the only way out of job overload, out of underachieving.

Now, take your pen and write away your business system: lead generation, conversion, and client fulfillment!