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Updates To Write About During The Crowdfunding Project

Category: Communication

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Why: We want to convince you about the importance of conveying the journey to collect more funds for the project.

Did you know that campaigners who post regular updates raise 286% more funding than those that don’t?


In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

Keep your backers posted. You should aim to narrate the excitement of the project by reporting what is happening.

Below is something to be considered when you are out of new ideas. These can be regarded as minimum communication during the crowdfunding project.

1. Live

  • Introduction of complicated feature but cool
  • Review and press releases
  • Behind the scene story
  • SNS sharing campaign with added return
  • Goal reached notification: 100%, 200%, etc.
  • Stretch goals announcement
  • Add returns announcement
  • Remind of the sales and CF backing benefits

2. Ended

  • Thank you note
  • Timeline of the project til returns
  • Production progress
  • Shipping progress
  • Question & Answer Sharing
  • Delay alert if needed

Keep your backers on the line.


Communication through campaign updates is crucial for a crowdfunding project. As the data shows a significant difference between campaigners that do and ones that don’t.

Above are some ideas of what to tell your backers about during a live campaign and after it ends.