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Let’s Start A Marketing Agency For E-Commerce Business

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Why: We want to get you to start a boutique marketing agency because of local initiative inspiration.

In a flash, here is an example of my business and how you can also do it!

In Short

Starting your own agency is a hallmark of expertise. With that being said, you must be great at what you do, in this case: a marketer.

Below, we will discuss the template that others used to successfully start their own agency. So stick around, learn a few things and apply.

1. Identify a Market

  • Business model (Crowdfunding, e-commerce in JP and DE, B2B expansion)
  • Industry (Smart devices)
  • Company size (Small-Medium size Business)

After identifying a market, offer only your best service. For example, SEO, PPC, etc., but focus only on one topic until success. After that, branching out can be done anytime.

The pitch can be like this: for me, it is a crowdfunding marketing

We help small to medium e-commerce businesses in the smart devices industry grow through crowdfunding marketing.

2. Get Clients

Start by testimonials are recommended. If you don’t have one yet, go out and work for free in exchange for it.

Later then, HANGOUT with your target audiences and give free advice: this “WasuBlog” or Quora is for me. If you want to cold-call, then start finding prospects with Crunchbase.

3. Build an Evergreen Content

Content creation is your due diligence. Paid ads will stop as soon as you stop paying; your own content marketing campaign won’t.

Most evergreen contents are ‘How-to’; they are relatively constant and reusable. However, trending contents are the opposite. The key example is Wikipedia.

For your evergreen content to work, it must be complete. Meaning the audience does not have to search more after visiting your site. It solves customer’s problems completely!

Quality is relative. Your bare minimum goal should be to beat the best content for the target keyword in the market.

4. Record the Process

If you are repeating a task more than 3 times for every transaction, you should record it. This is the start of the improvement process. Later, you can leverage it with delegation or even automation.

Consistency is essential to your customers. They expect you to deliver at least the same quality as the previous campaign. Here a checklist method comes in handy.

5. Partner Up

We all have weaknesses. Find a common goal and start collaborating.

6. Build Tools to Generate Leads

This is a big project; that is why I am starting with an e-book, then mini-course, then full-course, and the ultimate goal would be a web app tool to help the intelligent devices industry lunch crowdfunding projects!

Lead magnet works because it generates real and instant value for your audiences.

Have a bit of money: buy one here CodeCanyon: widgets, plugins, and code scripts.

7. Acquire Other Agencies

What’s next, after you are done with your own firm? Considering buying other engaging marketing agencies. Unfortunately, it usually costs 3 times its annual profit.

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There you go, that was my reflection on how to start a marketing agency. I hope the example helps you plan your steps as it did for me.

At the end of the day, it is the consistency and quality of your work that will be helpful for your customers.

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