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This Is How You Test And Get Users Feedback On Your Prototype

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Why: We want to convince you about how easy it is to get feedback on your prototype so that your project can iterate as fast as possible.

As you make a prototype, assume you are right and everyone else is wrong. When you share your prototype, assume you are wrong and everyone else is right.

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In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

The problem definition can mislead the whole operation, and you might end up with a suboptimal or useless prototype. For example, a brainstorming customer persona is fantastic, but it cannot be compared to a real-world experiment.

Here are somewhere you can get direct user experience feedback.

1. Wire you assumption

By using wireframing, you will be able to come up with a draft of the prototype quickly. Since we all have to start somewhere, making an educated guess or assumption is a must.

Do this with your team through one of collaborating tools online. InVision, Figma, or Miro to build and also iterate from internal feedbacks.

2. User feedback directly

3. Do it yourself

The best strategy in starting up the company and solving problems is, in my opinion, going to be still solving the issue you are facing yourself. In this case, you are the customer and the source of all feedback, really.

Scratch you own itch.

After you get the prototype that satisfies you, you can launch on the platforms mentioned above to get honest user experience feedback.

Improving or pivoting, after accommodating each feedback, you should be able to finish your first ready-to-produce prototype to launch a bigger scale market like a crowdfunding platform!

If it gains traction, you can then move to e-commerce marketing and get even more feedback from real customers. And now it is about the versioning to improve the performance of your product.

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Getting honest feedback from customers early is crucial to your start-up as it saves tremendous consequential effort in product development.

With some of the available tests, you will prove your early hypothesis about the idea and samples. Later on, you will have to set up the UX management to collect insights and use them.

Now, submit one of your samples to the test platform!

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