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This Is How To WHIPS Audiences Into Becoming Your Customers

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Why: We want to inform you about WHIPS selling strategy so that you can guide your prospects to the deal.

You don’t need to be the best writer, you need to understand your reader.

Neil Patel

Knowing customers’ intent by understanding what problems customers want to solve.

In a flash, here is how you write with WHIPS!

In Short

The problem is that not all of us can write like Leo Burnett and other professional writers. Below is the idea from Neil Patel that helps guide customers through their purchase journey.

1. Understand Customers with WHIPS

By using this WHIPS writing structure, you will not get lost in your own words again. It boiled down customers thinking processes and approached them in a friendly way.

2. Page Awareness in 5 Steps

  1. W stands for Window shopper
    The audience is considering buying this product, but don’t know from who yet.
  2. H stands for Help me
    They encountered the issue, and don’t help to best solve it.
  3. I stands for Inform me
    Know the solution, but don’t know where to get the product/service.
  4. P stands for Persuade me
    They gather information, and now deciding which one to go for.
  5. S stands for Show me
    Know your product, and need a final push to click BUY.

3. What’s Next

Design your webpage and write content for each step of their journey, Don’t ever miss one!

  • For winder shopper: design the landing page that is attractive and run ads.
  • Help defining the problem as clear as you can.
  • Inform that about the possible solutions based on their situation! Be generous, and think of them first.
  • Persuade them by helping them compare products and services in the market. (this is where you of course show your benefits over other products)
  • Show them that your product is the best for them and ask them directly to buy.
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I find this WHIPS concept summarizing the behavior of typical buyers well in simple steps. First, if you are selling something, make sure that you create content to cover all 5 stages of the purchase journey.

Otherwise, you will lose the prospects in the middle of the way. That is where your CVR suffers *wink.

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