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Simple Guide To Building Your Own Brand: THIS IS NOT EASY!

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Why: We want to inform you about what to do to build a brand that is effective and consistent.

Brand is a customer’s perception associating with your business.

In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

The challenge lies in our innate tendency to solely concentrate on our own strengths, often overlooking the fact that others possess similar strengths, and perhaps even to a greater extent. It’s a reminder that humility and self-awareness are key in recognizing the unique abilities and talents of others, fostering collaboration and a richer collective experience. So, let’s embrace the diversity of strengths around us and learn from one another, creating a harmonious and inclusive environment.

After attending multiple USP, personal branding, and exploring yourself (next week) type of workshops, I realized that following the model is so ineffective:
– what you are good at
– what people need you to do
– what makes money

The result of this framework is most likely not unique at all!

Below is how you should address this problem of determining your USP for personal and business branding.

1. Hold The Standard

By having a clear standard, you will automatically have a brand. What you DON’T DO becomes your brand.

This is the only way to stand out. Other things will just add to the competition because we all want mostly the same thing.

Check out this book review on habits: High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendon Burchard.

Check out this book review on protocols: The Code. the Evaluation. the Protocols: by Jocko Willink

2. Elements Of Your Brand

  1. A story about itself
  2. Its story in the world
  3. Stories people tell about it

3. How You Carry Yourself

The brand is forged over time, with each and every message you communicate to your customers. Ultimately, the key lies in fostering consistency across all correspondences.

Many gurus will also argue that it is about message sending out, but the message team members are sending to each other inside the firm. Because there is no secret in this world.

So think it this way: everything you and your members do is a message that speaks of your brand. Just like everything you say and do, talk of you as your personal brand. “How you carry yourself.”

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If you want to build a brand, learn about your own virtue, your business’s vision. What will you not do, and can you put this up as your standard?

Send out consistent messages in everything you do in the daily business. Then, the rest will come; people will perceive you in this particular way. And you will have yourself a brand: whether that is good or bad.

Raise your standard; the branding will come with time!