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Shift From Product To Service: Create More Value With Innovation

Category: Value-Creation & Testing

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Why: We want to convince you about the future of value creation so that your business is highly scalable in the long(er) run.

We need to shift from a goods-logic to a service-logic. Design service experiences is gaining its signicance day after day.

Prof. Stefanie Paluch

In a flash, here is how you might create significant value with services!

In Short

The problem is an attempt to offer service instead of physical products requires you to re-thinking all processes in the value stream!

1. The Solution is Digital Transformation

By digitalizing your value chain, you will benefit from new revenue possibilities!

Digitalization of the business itself and not just digitizing the process. After the transformation, your business will gain a competitive advantage because of the high agility in such a working style.

Digital Transformation = Existing offer + Reinvention of Delivery

Digital value creation is, therefore, usually a product or a service based on the use of digital information and communication technology.

2. Classic Service Model

We will do “not-so-interesting tasks” for you, so that you can focus on doing your “super-interesting task.”

Here are 2 ways you can use to approach your DX project.

  • Individualization of service
  • Customization of products as a service

3S of Value Creation

  • Scale
    • Is the new value big enough?
    • Level of change for industry?
  • Source
    • Where is the value coming from?
    • Business innovation is needed?
  • Scope
    • Are we thinking long term enogh?
      • Digital Value Creation is a long-term payoff
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With a focus on digital transformation and a plan to create innovative service, you will find a scalable and sustainable business model.

Think long term, the digital transformation is rewarding ones that try.

Is your offer digitalized? Give it a thought, grab a pen, and write away your new value creation plan!