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Develop eCommerce Offline: Do It Even When It Does Not Scale

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Why: We want to get buy-in from customers face-to-face to relate to them more humanly.

From my experience, talking to your customers in person is the shortest way to trust.

In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

Although, all e-commerce entrepreneurs are crazy about multiply all 10x all. Automation is our tool to nurture relationships with prospects, but there is no substitution for human trust built on the spot.

Here are some offline activities that would help your online business.

1. Meet in person

Yes, talk in person and get their email by asking and writing on paper.

2. Thank you note

This is also a neat personal touch to show your appreciation and develop the relationship.

3. Leverage situation

Do you have somebody that can introduce you to someone you are looking forward to meeting? Then, ask them to do precisely that.

Introduction from the known group is the shortest way to future business. We do this regularly in Asia, haha.

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Although, offline communication can be considered outdated and cumbersome in today’s modern society. It cannot be beaten as the shortest way to trust-building.

Take care of the person sitting in front of you can get a referral from friends is not fast, but the surest way to future business.