The Viking’s Guide to Good Business by King’s Mirror

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Why: I want to learn from 13th-century Vikings business wisdom.
Goal: Learn to adapt one wisdom to a businessman’s lifestyle.

Action: Own Shares Either in Good Ships, or in None at All.

3 Key Concepts

  1. Wisdom can always be adapted to present.
  2. Doing business is a lifestyle.
  3. Invest in people more than anything.


This book reminded me of one Japanese business book about how to live a salesman’s life. It is not only a job; it is a lifestyle.

This book talks about how to live a good merchant’s life.

Here are some Viking’s wisdom

Keep you table well:

Prepare white cloth, clean food, and a good drink! Become known for your table.

Be cautious and honorable:

Inspect your goods be aware of flaws. Show the flaws if there are, and strike your bargain as you can. Then you will not be called a fraud.

Learning from books:

Whenever you are free to do so, study – above all books of law!

Familiarize yourself with the law:

So that you won’t be a victim of injustice and you will lawfully answer all matters.

Adopt good customs:

No man will be safe unless he has a firm grasp and command of local customs. Perfect your knowledge; master all languages. But do not forget your own language either.

Attract the best men:

Own shares either in good ships or in none at all! Make your ship attractive, then good people will join, and it will be well manned. Invest in your business tools!

Where shall money be put?

One-third towards sharing with men who are in good towns, are loyal to you and know how to trade. The other two parts are between various places and trade voyages.

Sharing with men who are in good towns
Sharing with men who are in good towns

When your money has grown to the full:

Stop sailing. Remember carefully all the people you have seen, whether good or bad. Remember all evil customs to avoid them – but adopt all good customs for your own benefit and that of everyone who wishes to learn them from you.

To sum up, all chapters boil down to study the way of life.

Uttermost, learn from books. Especially a book of the law.

Goal check: I take with me the importance of learning a book of law as much as I can effort it.

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