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Digital Customer Journey And IoT User Experience

Category: Value-Delivery

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Why: We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the offer through a personalized journey.

We are moving from product innovation toward experience.

In a flash, here is how you do it!

In Short

The problem is a connection loss along the customer journey after a particular stage: aware, interest, consider, purchase, sharing. And this customer is nowhere to be found again.

The digital customer journey is different from the offline customer journey and can change quickly with trends.

When your offer is based on IoT technology, your sales funnel should collect and utilize the data from each touchpoint efficiently.

1. Product to Service to Experience

  • Product focuses on features.
  • Service focuses on processes.
  • Customer expericence focuses on emotional touchpoint.

2. Digital Experience Dimensions

Customers will adapt better to your service context and environment by offering complete dimensions.

Experience is harder to copy by others, in contrast to product innovations and technology advantages that can be imitated shortly.

Dimensions are

  • Individual: demograhic, socio-economic
  • Location: geographic, temperature
  • Object: commodities, real estate, similar constructs
  • Time: current date, season

Consider these dimensions for each of your touchpoints! Yes, it takes heart and soul to build a compelling UX.

Design-led companies reported 50% more loyal customers

3. Measure UX

The key performance indicator is the usability of the service and the following.

  1. Simplicity: more options, more problems.
  2. Usablity:
    • Efficiency
    • Effectiveness
    • Engagement
    • Error tolerance
    • Ease of learning
  3. Visual aesthetics

User experience can be defined as thoughts and emotions when customers use a product. It entails a set of perceptions and responses that occur before, during, and after use.

Check out the below video on the laws of simplicity.


The digital world is chaotic; without a clear path, customers will get lost, and you will not find them again.

Plan out the digital customer journey by considering all dimensions at each touchpoint.

Measure your UX with usability!