The 25 Best Places to Find Free Books Online

The 25 Best Places to Find Free Books Online

With this, you can read free books online as quickly as possible.

Sometimes addiction can be difficult to deal with, and a bookworm can tell you that the habit can become quite costly. Fortunately, smart readers know that the internet archive is an efficient source to find free book downloads. No one should pay a cent to download these free books online.

This post offers 25 free book internet archives to help relieve your stifling book addiction! When you feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of great books available online, you can easily narrow this search down using my list below.

1 Wattpad

Fanfic lovers are familiar with sites where a person can post stories a chapter at a time. However, Wattpad also benefits fans who enjoy reading a book or writing. Wattpad was established in 2006 and is ideal when you are seeking a variety of diverse voices and unconventional stories that can easily fall behind the big publishing houses.

The community has more talented and passionate readers than most of the others. Please add a comment, follow your favorite authors, or vote for a favorite. It allows users to track all the stories directly through their smartphone.

2 Libby from OverDrive

The Libby app from OverDrive enables users to browse eBooks on their computers. You only have a library card and can access classic or modern ebooks for free anywhere. The company also offers an extensive catalog containing 2 million ebooks and audiobooks.

The new technology allows for easy transfer of books on your phone. In addition, because it is based in your Library, you will have access to free eBooks and recent bestsellers.

3 also offers a free monthly eBook Club. To get started with the contest, you have to register (for free, of course), and once per month, they will send you an email with a link that lets you download the selected ebook or a mobile version of the game.

You need to get your emails fast as the titles will only be available on the site for a short while. However, the selection of these artists can easily satisfy their tastes and include the greatest Tor titles like John Scalzi, V.E. Schwab, and many more.

4 Reedsy Discovery

I like reading independent books? Why not? This is the best thing you can expect to be a Reedsy Discovery Reviewer. The Indie author provides free ebooks for honest feedback to the readers. Just write down your thoughts as you read to make a complete report after reading. You can help authors, and potential readers get free reads!

Writing book reviews can be an excellent opportunity to enter the publishing market if you have already begun. It’s fun writing as well.

5 The Online Books Page

It is an online book page from Penn’s online Library with a list of nearly 3 million free ebook downloads. Unlike Project Gutenberg, it does not publish any of its book’s content and provides links for downloading. However, their website looks like it was 1996. Is it possible to have an unlimited number of ebook downloads?

Although some older books appear, the Library provides excellent resources for classic titles and obscure books, offering deep dives into archaic subjects.

6 BookBub

BookBub is a site that is essential for any reader. First, you must log in to their website for ebook access and get the free ebook. The site will then ask you to select if you want to read a particular genre to provide the best recommendations. In addition, BookBub offers many free online resources and great sales of bestseller titles.

In addition, the site will notify you whenever a big-name title is available online and will be available for 75 percent of its price.

7 Smashwords

As with Amazon and Goodreads free shelves, Smashwords offers everyone an overview of the books they gave out for free. This easy way of searching for free books is based on various criteria, including new, best sellers, and high-rated titles in one place. Please select the “free” section in the upper right corner if your search involves categories.

What are your favorite things? Almost every story is available in many file formats with no account needed for downloading them.

8 Project Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the oldest free books online collection, created in 1971. However, the site asks for donations and free access to online reading. There are 576,000 ebook titles available. In addition, kindle devices can be downloaded.

Are there holidays? You can read Gutenberg classic movies before picking the best audiobook to accompany your journey to the beach.

9 BookRix

BookRix provides free ebook downloads for iPods, tablets, eReaders, and phones. It also has books by self-published authors or publically available. On this website, readers are divided into genres, which include fiction, fantasy, romance, and young adult and toddler books. Some books can have a romantic quote to make you swoon. If we have any books available here, look at LGBTQ books.

10 HathiTrust Digital Library

Hathi Trust Library is in the public domain and available on the web through various websites. You can search for books in the search box on the site. Just check the box indicating Full View only.” You are also welcome to search available titles via the Collections option.

Once you’ve found the books you like, you will click the “full view” button and begin reading.

11 – 24 symbols

24Symbols follows the subscription read online model with some free books available online. In addition, if you have registered on Facebook, the website connects with your phone so that you may access free ebook deals on multiple platforms.

It allows users to browse books based on author, category, language, and alphabetic order. In addition, you can get books from book clubs that share them with other people.

12 PaperBack Swap

If you like good old-fashioned paperback or read ebooks, you should be able to use the many book exchange sites on the web. Paperback swapping is the best. You list everything you do not want to keep and then send the book to someone. Eventually, the text will be picked out and sent by mail by another person. That’s as though you had thousand book lovers!

13 The Library of Congress

Biblioteca has all your classic books online, maybe even more than your local library. This website offers a wide selection of classic books on a simple interface for those with a specific classic they need to read. Among the most famous books are “Alice Wonderland” and “Cinderella. “Once you finish browsing this site, make an effort to read these free audios for children.

14 Hoopla

Another option offered to many libraries; is Hoopla’s broad range of books, audio books, and comics at a convenient interface. Contrary to Overdrive, patrons must pay for checkouts within a specified amount each calendar month. However, as the number of people reading books cannot be exceeded, Hoopla provides a very effective and affordable way of reading new or popular titles.

15 Open Library

This will make Open Library a website containing everything that has been published. Easily accessible website archive contains over 1million books and makes it an effective place for reading free online books. Find a particular book with the search bar. When you get your results, check the boxes for “Books” for free books online.

16 Authorama

This simple website focuses on giving books to those interested in reading with no complicated layout or instructions. Authorama is an excellent site where you can download free books online, despite your location. In addition, there are great historical novellas from authors such as Charles Dickey, Francis Bacon, and Mary Shelley.

17 FreeBooksy

Freebooksy is the biggest website focusing exclusively on free and discounted book promotions, although FreeBooksy does not offer free shipping.

In contrast to its competitor, the book seeks the best offers from the most prestigious retailers.

18 Riveted by Simon Teens

Riveted in Teen is the online teen community created through Simon & Schuster’s Teen Fiction arm. Riveted is introducing a new free read series and short stories every week. Many of these titles will also include short fiction from young authors. They have also included an ebook for new subscribers.

19 Harlequin Online Reads

Harlequin has a large collection of free serialized stories from its leading authors. Each Monday, a new article will be emailed to you. This collection will make you feel good about your love for the author.

20 Manybooks

Manybooks offers a comprehensive database of free books as well as daily newsletters. Sites are simple and comfortable, and their language choices provide a wide selection of your favorite genres.

21 World Public Library

The Millennium Collection is not free, but for less than $10 a year for more than 300 languages, the collection is practically free. In addition, the company provides free membership to those who can’t use a wheelchair or are physically challenged.

You’ve spotted books from everywhere across the globe. Several knockouts include 1984 by George Orwell, Siddhartha by Hemann Hessen, and “The Mahabharata” translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli, among others.

22 Wikisource

Have you tried on sources? Even if you are no academic, Wikisource can provide a great source for deeper diving into any subject. Approximately 4,000,000 text pages are stored on this website. User input is welcome. A text from 1846 to 1941 written by Rudyard Kipling or Marie France about the werewolves of particular importance. Find otherworldly experiences in the readers of Judi Vernois and Philip Dick.

23 International Children’s Digital Library

International children’s digital library (ICDL) is an internet archive that aims to “promote tolerance to diverse cultures by providing access to the finest children’s literature in the world.” The book is accessible online by registering or creating a free and anonymous account to keep a permanent book collection. It has books everywhere (with this ongoing bookshelf, you could search by country on the planet).

24 Open Culture

Open Culture has brought the listener to an online collection of free audio books and ebooks. There are 800 free eBooks available through their website that can be downloaded for your iPhone, iPad mini, or tablet. Amongst these knockouts are Stranger of Albert Camus and Charles Bukowski’s poems.

25 Internet Sacred Text Archive

The ISTA website specializes in religious mythology. The organization promotes broader religious diversity, tolerance, and scholarship as its mission is very interesting. There are various Bibles, Talmud, Vedas, and many more.


So that was it! The 25 Best Places to Find Free Books Online.

Is my curated list enough for you? –Probably not.

Our eagerness to learn is limitless, and texts can be the primary means to fulfill this. Above combine both public domain books and some private websites I came across and used to get my research and enjoy reading. Through this compiling project, I am impressed with what more is to be found.

Do you have another great place to read so many books online?

Let me know in the comment.

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