Startup Studio: Playbook by Attila Szigeti

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Why: I am building my own startup.
Goal: learn what tools they use in the startup studio.

Action: Create and Follow a Playbook, More Speed.

3 Key Concepts

  1. 2 key factors for starting out: know-how and connection
  2. How do you measure your progress?
  3. Know when to abandon the ship.


How to follow the playbook?

  • Take action with a proven framework; you must learn yourself and others.
  • People are your only asset, especially at the beginning. Make sure they are fit for the job.

This book is a playbook for becoming a lean startup. Attila summarizes step-by-step what people at startup studios do to pump out as many successful startups as possible.

First, do you understand the business you are doing?

Way too many people are starting up a business because of a trend. This tip reminds me of Warren Buffet’s advice that he invests only in a company he understands how it operates.

Know-how is a key to doing the right thing efficiently. First, focus on your team’s strength and grow from there.

Second, you have got to measure what matters.

It gives your team the right direction and a clear to-do list that is productive. These digital tools might help you.

Third, get in quick, get out quicker.

The main story here is about MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Learn this in-depth here.

similar cubes with rules inscription on windowsill in building
Follow the rules and get ahead quickly.

To sum up, we must build a business in a field we understand best. Then, with a cautious measurement, we will get into the right project and leave it as soon as we know the product does not fit the market.

Goal check: I learned a few tools that I can use to boost the speed of my startup.

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Bonus: when you know what you stand for, let go of everything else. Outsource them all. The ability to hone in on what matters most to your project will accelerate your MVP iteration.

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