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Conversion-Centric Design: 3 Useful Tips To Boost Your Email Conversion Rate

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Why: We want to get buy-in from our email subscribers, either from the high conversion rate design or plain-text copywriting.

From my experience, having one Call-to-Action is optimal.

In a flash, here is how you design such a conversion-centric email!

In Short

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

The following tips help you with a conversion rate of emails; to keep your offer clear from other distractions and clutters.

1. One Offer

Give them one thing to think about and show them in sequence by

  • Start with best visual.
  • Use a BIG header.
  • Use only 2 fonts max.
  • Use one column layout.
  • Keep it short and scanable.

2. Big Button

Mean it! It should be obvious that you want them to click on this one button. Be creative with Call-to-action text.

“I’m in,” “Let’s Do It,” “Off We Go,” etc.

3. Add a GIF

The data shows that animated email has a 25% higher Click Through Rate (CTR). Now go make one GIF here.


All in all, you want to write a crystal clear email that has only one offer with a big call-to-action button. If possible, add a GIF to illustrate the product.

And do not forget to check that it looks nice on your cell phone! Half of your readers are reading from a mobile device.